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Come to Chancellor Peak Chalets to see the Wildlife!

At Chancellor Peak Chalets, we have the distinct advantage of being in a relatively secluded area. That way, you never know what kind of wildlife you are going to see coming by your door! Whether is the gentle deer or even a moose, we are right in the heart of Rocky Mountains ... and wildlife is to be expected. One of the attractions of visiting Golden and Chancellor Peak is that we have both a Grizzly Bear Refuge and a Wolf Habitat nearby and both are well worth the trip!
Grizzly Bear Refuge 1 (866) 754-5425 Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is home to the world's largest enclosed and protected grizzly bear habitat. This is where the resident orphan grizzly bear named "Boo" lives and plays. Visitors are given the opportunity, as part of a one-of-a-kind interpretive tour, to view a grizzly bear interacting much as they do in the wild. You will see them foraging, hunting, playing, swimming, snoozing and exploring. Tours start at 9:00 a.m. and are held every hour on the hour throughout the summer season. These tours are educational and interactive, allowing guests the unique opportunity to view this incredible animal and learn about the plight of this blue listed species. The Grizzly Bear Refuge is accessible by a 15 minute scenic chairlift ride, followed by a short stroll to the interpretive Center. The refuge is open daily and guest are welcome to stay as long as they wish!

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