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Come visit the Wolves at Chancellor Peak Chalets!

At Chancellor Peak Chalets, we have the distinct advantage of being in a relatively secluded area. That way, you never know what kind of wildlife you are going to see coming by your door! Whether is the gentle deer or even a moose, we are right in the heart of Rocky Mountains and wildlife is to be expected. One of the attractions of visiting Golden and Chancellor Peak is that we have both a Grizzly Bear Refuge and a Wolf Habitat nearby and they are well worth the trip!
Wolf Habitat (250) 344-6798 At Northern Lights Wildlife Center, they actively promote wolf conservation throughout the natural environment. They value the role that these beautiful animals play in nature and they strive to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to the public so that Wolf conservation can be promoted through education. Interpretive talks about wolves and their role in a healthy ecosystem are offered daily to visitors from around the world. Educational programs for groups and schools can also be customized on request. Our wolves are also used for photography, some documentary work, and a little adventure. Our grey wolves live in a 1.25-acre enclosure and interpretive talks take place right at the fence. Our wolves are exercised regularly, off-leash... so they are happy and healthy ambassadors for their wild cousins. A visit to the Wolf Center does not require a reservation. It is during the exercise hikes that we are able to offer people the unique opportunity to photograph wolves in their natural environment. Nestled between the Rockies and the Purcells, we are blessed with plenty of wilderness around here and the scenery is fabulous! A photo session with the wolves does require a reservation.

We hope that you choose to visit Chancellor Peak Chalets soon! Call us at 1-250-344-7038 or click Book Today!